Linna Rory

Pilot. She can thread a needle with any bird


Agi – d12
Str – d4
Vit – d10
Ale – d10
Int – d8
Will – d6

Athletics (gymnastics)
Guns (pistol)
Influence (streetwise, persuasion, barter, conversation)
Perception (intuition, gambling)
Pilot (aerial nav, astro nav)
Tech Engineering

Born behind the wheel
Heavy tolerance
Steady Calm
Friends in low places

Non Fightin Type
Hero Worship
Hooked (cigarettes)


I was always a great disappointment. At first I had really tried not to be, before I realized the inevitable. Momma, Lenora, was well-known as the prettiest girl this side of the river and Dad the most well-to-do. James – that was my big brother – he told me that things had been great until I shook it up. But he said it with a smile, so I forgave him – but just him.

I know I didn’t look pretty like Lenora and I didn’t have the business sense that Dad and James had. I was always running off to the port to look at the ships. Before the war James taught me the basics. After all, he was much older and all the captains and pilots respected him. While he was gone I’d skip out of lessons and go play down there. We were all friends by then, so they never told on me. Soon I knew boats, back and forwards.

The night James left there was shouting. Lenora and Dad didn’t want him to go – and if he did, they wanted him fighting for “the right side.” Dad had some connections, he said. He might be able to get him off the front lines. Looking back now, who’s to say what he should have done. I was only a kid then though, and I thought he was brave and brilliant and rebellious. I loved it. He just pulled my braid on the way out and said he’d see me on the other side. But he didn’t.

I thought maybe if I learned to fly real well I could go fight with him. I know, right? Such a kid. We never got his body back, just the news. I was gone within the week. No point in sticking around now. I stowed away and headed to the nearest city. I disappeared into the underbelly – made new friends, picked up the cigs and learned when to flash a toothy grin and when to keep a poker face. When you’re just some non-threatening, plain little mouse, it’s amazing what people will say to you. And I listened.

I kept flying though, whenever I could. It was hit and miss mostly, no one trusted a kid and although I was getting older, I never looked it. Finally I got a break with some of the bigwigs. It was during those years I developed a taste for good whiskey, learned the basics of how to shoot and developed something approaching refinement, when I want it. They were sad to see me go, but I wanted to fly and they wanted me on then ground too much. I’m not made to stay on the ground, or in one place. They told me I could come back anytime. I don’t care what everyone says, they’re some good eggs…well, sort of.

So I’m looking to fly. I don’t want something boring, I need a little thrill now and then, ya know? Yeah, I know that’s more than you wanted. I got a mouth on me once the wine is flowing. So, what you got for me, then?

Linna Rory

They can't take the sky from us. AuntieEmber