Finneghan (Finn)

Finn has a ship. Don't get in her way.


Finneghan is well-built, not slim, not fat. 26, she sports utterly outrageous orange hair, big boots, and a penchant for too much eyeliner. If you think she’s a bit youngish to be captaining, well, she got an earlier start than most, and has been running around in the black these last 10 years. She is crude but generally always means well- just watch your comely menfolk (and every once in awhile your womenfolk). Money doesn’t really move her, freedom does. She means to stay free of any and all ties and her ship is the ticket to that. Finn tries to be kind to others, but does what she has to do to take care of herself, and won’t hesitate to put a boot or a bullet in your stomach if you aim to hurt her. She is pretty surprised, however, to find how much she cares for the folk crewing her ship. No one ever cared about her before- it’s a new feeling, and she kinda likes it.

Oh, and she’s fucking beautiful. It’s a real pain in the ass.

Finneghan (Finn)

They can't take the sky from us. Entwife